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  1. Alfalfa/Hay
    So today I am meeting with my local seed supplier today. Last fall they mixed what was supposed to be an 80% alfalfa 20% timothy mix with fertilizer. We seeded everything as they instructed and had good weather. As the first cut matured, it looks like pure timothy. I had a few small patches of...
  2. Machinery
    Hey, everyone. Hubby and I are retired USAF and have been farming now for 8 years. We have 100 acres- 40 of it in grass hay which we feed our animals, and sell some if we have extra. Over the last couple of years our manpower pool has dwindled -- no one wants to sling square bales anymore. So, a...
  3. Alfalfa/Hay
    Looking for someone to cut and bale 30 acres of Bahia in Baytown, Texas. Hay needs to be cut and removed from the property as soon as possible. IT'S FREE!! Thank you. Members 1 posts 0 warning points LocationTexas Posted Today, 04:28 PM Looking for someone to cut and bale 30 acres of...
  4. close Up grass Mix 5 24 17

    Close-up of grass (mostly alfalfa and orchard grass in this field). 1st cutting. A long ways to go to complete 1st cutting of our fields--over 360 acres of grass mix.
  5. grass Mix bale 5-15-17

    1st cutting of our grass mix. This field is mostly alfalfa and orchard grass. Cut only half of the 40 acre field. Once this field is completed only 360 acres to go to complete the first cutting!
  6. Machinery
    I have a '98 John Deere with a bale watch monitor. All it does is show bale shape and beeps when bale is getting to size. Can I swap it for a baletrak monitor that kind of looks like it but has the lights as well? Does the baletrak auto tie? Because that would be nice as right now I have to...
  7. Alfalfa/Hay
    I was just wondering if anyone has been having the same experience I have had with selling big round bales. This year there seems to be a lot of round bales in my area. Had a lot of rain and the hay season was a tough one. We have quite a few round bales and they are all stored outside. Our good...
  8. Machinery
    Brand new to the market patented bale-handling attachment. Fully-hydraulic tilting allows operators to pick up a bale, then engage a second bale without setting either bale down, or reversing. Huge time saving potential and saves net wrap from damage. Very convenient for loading inline bale...
  9. Alfalfa/Hay
    I am new to the alfalfa scene. The attached photos show some of my small alfalfa patch (2 acres). This stand was planted in Sep 2014 and thus is the first year that it will be cut. I've been checking for bugs and such over the last few weeks and haven't really seen anything of note. This...
  10. Machinery
    I am looking to grab some land that is approx 15 miles away from my farm. It will get me about another 50A of grass hay that I can bale. My concern is that it is quite a distance from where I'm at and don't really want to road my equipment that far. I am just a small time operation but would...
  11. Machinery
    If you like equipment demonstrations, this is from the Canada Outdoor Farm Show in September. http://www.progressiveforage.com/forage-production/equipment/video-canada-outdoor-farm-show-equipment-demos
  12. Machinery
    Has anyone seen/heard of one of these? http://feeder-leader.com/product/the-boss/ it's a 3 point linkage bale feeder. My cousin has one and swears by it to feed out round Alfalfa bales which I also need to do.. You can buy them pretty cheap direct rather than through a dealer. Any thoughts? Cheers
  13. Machinery
    Hi everyone! Last year i bought a completely rebuilt New Holland Super Hayliner 69. The baler works fairly good and almost never misses a bale. What are some good tips for keeping this machine up in shape? I plan on running quite a bit of hay through this machine next year around 10000 bales. I...
  14. Machinery
    I'm currently trying to build a simple machine to press two string bales of straw and hay. Hopefully I can get them down to 20" or less. I have a large hyd cylinder and pump. Gloing to make it out of scrap materials. Have anyone else tried this? Am I wasting my time? Any ideas will be...
1-14 of 14 Results