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  1. Machinery
    Hi thanks for allowing me to join. We just bought a NH 1037 stacker wagon and have been trying to get it to work for us. I am still having a few problems and cant figure out how to fix them. First the first two bales slide well across the first table but the third doesn't and i have to get out...
  2. Machinery
    Hi everyone. Sooouuuu.... My first post. Searched multiple ways for a hit... and went thru the pinned Balewagon posts. We found an old NH 1010 Stackliner in 2015. Definitely needs fluid/filter replacement. (1982 on filer). What I don't know are current equiv's for hydraulic fluids in...
  3. Machinery
    The title says it all. even at idle, after about 20-25 minutes, the temp will climb to 215-220 and the cap will start to blow off. Rebuilt 360 from older ford uhaul (never overheated in truck) with new hoses, water pump, no thermostat, new aluminum radiator and electric fans for push and pull...
  4. Alfalfa/Hay
    Gentlemen, I apologize if this topic has been covered in the past. I have searched all the archives but not found the information I am looking for. If its out there please point me in the correct direction. I have a very small operation in NV. I have 2 fields that are flood irrigated. One...
  5. Machinery
    I am relatively new to operating our family's NH 1069 bale wagon. At the start of this cutting the brakes worked, but now when I press on the brakes nothing happens. The brake pedal pushes to the floor without doing anything. This has made unloading quite tricky when I back up to the stack and...
  6. self-propelled bale wagon 02

    self-propelled bale wagon 02

  7. self-propelled bale wagon 01

    self-propelled bale wagon 01

  8. Massey and PT/2014 pull-type wagon 01

    Massey and PT/2014 pull-type wagon 01

  9. milstak self-propelled big bale stacker 007

    milstak self-propelled big bale stacker 007

    stacking in Ken's shed
  10. milstak self-propelled big bale stacker 004

    milstak self-propelled big bale stacker 004

  11. milstak self-propelled big bale stacker 002

    milstak self-propelled big bale stacker 002

  12. Custom Harvesting
    I need some help on keeping my stacks from falling. My question is how do i start my first stack to rest all the others against? Ive heard of a buttstack but have no clue what that means. I have a 1048 with the automatic tie tiers. I'm stacking 2 wide and 9 high. How do I do the tie tier in the...
  13. Machinery
    The rolling rack on my NH 1037 just started to refuse to move to the front of the third table after a load is stacked and the third table is returned to its normal position. I can find no solution to this problem in the troubleshooting portion of the manual. The load rack would not always...
  14. Machinery
    So i was trolling around the net looking for any info or advice on updating and improving a1069 with a 460 gas engine with a 4 speed bolted up to it and i couldnt find anybody else doing it. So i did it myself. We already operate a 1984 1069 perkins diesel with a five speed. stretched frame and...
  15. Machinery
    Hi, My 1069 bale wagon has 4100 hrs. on it now and was wondering what parts should be looked at or replaced? Would like to eventually replace the 460 with a 5.9 Cummins and an Allison auto. Has anyone done this conversion? Would you have pictures? Will the rear diff. stand up? Thanks for your...