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  1. Machinery
    Nearly all of the small place I'm farming is on a hill side. The lower ground is wet enough that walking across it between October and June leaves tracks in the field. The hill ranges from moderately steep to only an idiot would farm that. I'm looking for a small vehicle, most likely a ATV to do...
  2. Machinery
    I recently attended a course on general safety and tractor maintenance from Texas Ag Center in Harris County Texas. My takeaways were as follows: 1. Whether farming and ranching is a full time occupation or weekend warrior, statistically agriculture is the most dangerous of occupations 2. As...
  3. Machinery
    Here's Youtube video I just posted of a 2004 JD Gator 520T 4WD diesel with only 47 hours selling on farm retirement auction I covered today in Hamersville, OH:
1-3 of 3 Results