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  1. Machinery
    Hello again. I know this maybe a lost cause and some of you may think I am delirious for wanting to do this. however, I am looking for a mesh wrap kit for either a Hesston 560 or a Hesston 565A. I could make one off of a 565 A work but one off of a 560 would be better. I know Agco used to make a...
  2. Machinery
    So I decided to change gearbox oil in my Hesston 1007 mower. One side of the main gearbox had really thick oil in it. Dealer says it's 90wt. The other side appears to have grease and the dealer can't seem to tell me what the heck it is. It's really irritating because I know all they have to do...
  3. Machinery
    I am curious if anyone has a challenger SB36 or Massey 1839 and is following a 40' header in wheat straw? I have found a couple of great used ones for a decent price. I would love to try a 1840 out but I don't think that is in the budget right now, so I'm scared to try it. I am only putting up...
  4. Machinery
    Looks like AGCO have finally updated the cutter on their large square balers: http://blog.agcocorp.com/2015/09/new-procut-option-launched-for-2200-series-large-square-balers/?utm_content=&utm_campaign=AGCO+Blog&utm_source=16109&utm_medium=Facebook%3A+AGCO I think the old design spanned back to...
  5. Our first challenger

    Our first and defiantly not last Challenger. MT475
1-6 of 6 Results