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  1. Machinery
    Anyone own one of these? Good or Bad? Thanks
  2. Machinery
    Hi I'm about to purchase a twin rotary rake have quotes on krone 710 twin and ts620 t also a sip 600 My questions are has anyone owned a sip before if so is it compareable to krone ,price is 1/4 less My main sticking point is which is best suited to me .. My fields have solidset irrigation...
  3. Machinery
    Hi looking at buying a used baler they are both new holland 417 or 575 , the 417 is at dealer looks clean he tells me its 2007 but looks older from photos i have The 575 is 2008 and the more mordern shape, my questions are is there much difference between balers and the bales they make ...
  4. Alfalfa/Hay
    Hello, I'm a junior in high school looking for any advice anyone can offer on getting into selling alfalfa hay to large customers and what would be the best way to get customers and get my name out there. Any advice on how, and what methods to use to advertise and on the best market to target...
1-4 of 4 Results