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  1. Tractor Talk
    Im looking at a Ford New Holland 7740 SLE that the PTO is not working on. Was told that the switch was replaced and worked for a little bit, but the next day it wouldnt come on. Sounds like electrical to me, but wanted to hear other opinions and experiences. I may be wrong, but from what I...
  2. Machinery
    I have a NH 7740 SLE 16 x 16 transmission. It won't move. PTO works, three point works. Put it in gear and it will lurch like it wants to move, but doesn't. Checked all the wiring. Checked C1-C4. Throws no codes, except when I tried to recalibrate clutch. Then I get a U28. Maximum...
  3. Tractor Talk
    Well, last night I bought my first cab tractor. It was a little bigger frame than I was looking for, but the price was excellent! It is a 1994 Ford 5640 SL 4x4 with the 12 speed transmission and around 2500 hours. It seems like everything mechanical is in great shape, but has several small...
  4. Tractor Talk
    Hey guys, basically new to the forum and wanted to share some information about family farming in Kentucky. The hay stays on the farm to feed the cattle in the winter. This is video I put together from haying the second cutting the last 2 days. Weather has been great (hot and low humidity)...
1-4 of 4 Results