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  1. Machinery
    Any opinion is a good opinion, I have a John Deere 568 and it has been a good baler but I am getting close to 25,000 bales on it and am needing to upgrade while there is still a little value left..... I do about 3000 bales of hay and 1500 bales of straw each year on one baler.... I heard from a...
  2. Machinery
    We are looking at a used John Deere 568 baler and my only experience is with New Holland. Any pointers anyone could give me on what to look out for on a John Deere 8 series baler would be most appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Alfalfa/Hay
    Has anyone here ever baled hemp straw before? This was my first go at it, it was combined last fall, just clipped the heads off. I baled 300 acres of it yesterday. The straw was swathed the other day with a 35' MacDon swather. I went in and baled it with my 568 Deere. Interesting crop for...
1-3 of 3 Results