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  1. Machinery
    Hi Everybody, I'm new to the forum but have been getting advice here as an onlooker for quite some time. We bought a New Holland 273 baler with a 54A kicker attached last year, but didn't have hay wagons. We took the kicker off and baled all last year with it (great older baler, much better...
  2. Machinery
    My New Holland 273 baler is in very good condition overall and, generally, never misses a knot and produces a nice, tight bale. However, last summer the pickup reel started locking up regardless of windrow size, condition of hay, or any other thing I could see. I simply freezes up and the reel...
  3. Machinery
    How do i determine what to ask for my 273 NH baler with thrower. There are several parts that have been welded together, and I have some new parts on it in the last year. a guy offered me $l200, and I think that is too little, but he doesn't need the thrower. So I might want to sell the...
  4. Machinery
    Hello, I have a New Holland 273 baler, and I want to ask how to fix the chains up. One chain is so stretched that it touches itself out in the middle, it's at the adjuster limit so what to do? Is it OK to just remove a few links, maybe three? And then return the adjuster back a little...
1-4 of 4 Results