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  1. Machinery
    The left side of the bailer twine breaks. We tried everything in the book to no avail. Adjusted the stripper, adjusted the bill hook and nothing. Checked the hay dawgs and they look and feel ok?:mad:
  2. Machinery
    Thinking of getting a MF1840 and was wondering if a Hoelscher accumulator slows it down?
  3. Machinery
    I am curious if anyone has a challenger SB36 or Massey 1839 and is following a 40' header in wheat straw? I have found a couple of great used ones for a decent price. I would love to try a 1840 out but I don't think that is in the budget right now, so I'm scared to try it. I am only putting up...
  4. Machinery
    I bale several thousand bale of straw a year and I am currently looking to add another baler. I run a 540 CIH right now which is the same as the NH 575. I love the capacity of this baler but isn't the most consistent baler I've seen. Also looking into the maneuverability of the inline as I have...
1-4 of 4 Results