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  1. Machinery
    Has anyone fitted a reverse auger kit to their 1839 baler pickup ? If so did it make a difference in long grass and straw ? And was it worth the money , time and effort ? Anyone got any photos of the kit and prices ? Thanks I have included a few photos of the UGLY bales the 1839 does in long...
  2. Machinery
    Greetings all. I had a weird occurrence with my MF1839 small square baler this week. While parked in the barn, the oil in the reservoir on the hydraulic bale tension pump leaked all over my barn floor. Based on where the dirt is washed away, it appears the oil leaked out the pump drive shaft...
  3. Machinery
    I am curious if anyone has a challenger SB36 or Massey 1839 and is following a 40' header in wheat straw? I have found a couple of great used ones for a decent price. I would love to try a 1840 out but I don't think that is in the budget right now, so I'm scared to try it. I am only putting up...
  4. Machinery
    Have JD 348 Wire since 92 with Holescher Accumulator. Thinking of getting Massey 1839. Bale mostly coastal but it can get pretty heavy where A-1 is not slow enough. The accumulator has a problem when the bale is oversized. The accumulator turn them on edge and when the arm comes down can catch...
1-4 of 4 Results