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GMO Hay Mixed and Not Labeled

Looks like a state ag lab found that some seed from some farm in Eastern Washington had a mix of some genetically modified hay but claim it was really low and no big deal.

According to Mark Anderson, the president/CEO of the Anderson Hay and Grain of Ellensburg, our government has approved that Round Up Ready alfalfa can be sold but also says that nobody really wants it.

So what's the big deal? The big deal here is making sure that everyone knows exactly what they are paying for. Not everyone is OK with the GMO product. If you're paying for one thing and getting another possibly mixed in, you should know.

“The WSDA testing has indicated a low-level presence of a Round-Up Ready genetic trait in the seed, well within ranges acceptable to much of the marketplace,” a news release from the department said late Friday. “This information has been shared with the farmer.”

Of course some say this is no big deal and the WSDA still claims many want the Round Up Ready alfalfa although the market shows something completely different.

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