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Versatile 400 swather

Alfalfa/Hay Today, 08:56 AM
I've got a versatile 400 swather with an 18 foot head, and I absolutely love the machine but am wondering if anyone out there has a 12'-14' head and/or a crimper for one of these units? I have have been unable to find either of them anywhere.
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The Rookie needs MORE planting advice

General Ranching Today, 07:58 AM
So I purchased a Dove mix I planned on putting in the ground early April but then had knee surgery and had to postpone planting. Now looking at the weather forecast it doesn't look like there is a decent shot at rain until 5/13.  My question is, should I go ahead and plant or wait until a co...
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Wireless Temperature Probes

Alfalfa/Hay Today, 07:37 AM
Just in Time for the Season!     Wireless temperature probes The temperature probes manufactured by the American company Haytech or the Québec-owned Novations AGL allow alerts to be sent directly to your smartphone when the temperature of hay bales in storage rises past a given threshol...
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Shepherds purse in my stand

Weed and Pest Management Today, 06:08 AM
New member and first time posting on this website. I have always gathered a great deal of information from reading past forums/books and listening to the more experienced, so i am all ears and need some help. I bought a small farm that has a 9 acre alfalfa field, with some grass mixed in. Previou...
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Using Remedy Ultra and GlyStar Plus

Weed and Pest Management Yesterday, 04:53 PM
Very new to the forage/cattle business. Helping my widowed 86 yr old Mother-In-Law after I retired from 45 years in "white collar" work and relocating to my MIL's home. It's like this: Three months ago I couldn't spell "farm hand" and now I am one.    That being said, MIL has asked that...
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Do you have your Pasture, Range and Forage Insurance?

Do you have your Pasture, Range and Forage Insurance? Insurance like this is setup not only for hay farmers but livestock owners as well if they were to have losses on the property.

When is the deadline? November 15, 2013 for the 2014 year.

“Insurance is a critical component in producers’ risk management portfolios during periods of drought or uncertainty,” she said. “This policy benefited many cattle producers around the Panhandle in 2011 and 2012 due to the low rainfall conditions.”
You can have between 70 and 90 percent of your property covered.

The standard value is a rate determined by the Risk Management Agency for each and every county. Texas uses the rainfall index to help them decide the insurance coverage (rain data comes from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Climate Prediction Center data).

You can check out the tool here.


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