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Hay Baling Safety

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Posted 17 June 2008 - 07:41 AM

A know I am preaching to the choir...but as a friendly reminder...please be careful out there...here are some things I picked from multiple sources on the internet on hay baling safety...

Look for hazards to stop accidents before they happen:


- Children playing near hay balers, carriers and stackers.
- Training of operators handling tractors, front-end loaders or forklifts.
- Use of two-poster tractor ROPS for baling - they offer no operator protection from bales falling back off forks or bale-loading frames. Tractors with cabs, FOPS (fall on protective structure) or four-poster ROPS are safer.
- Makeshift or poorly fitting bale-loading attachments on tractors and forklifts.
- Carrying bales too high off the ground.
- Insufficient counterbalance on tractor or forklift vehicle.

Baler operation:

-Baler properly connected to the tractor.
-Adequate safety guards fitted.
-Nobody allowed to ride on the baler.
-Prevent others getting too close to the baler.
- Fire extinguisher fitted to the machine.
- Disengage PTO and apply fly wheel brake prior to making baler adjustments.
- Stop engine and apply fly wheel brake before repairs or "stringing up" the baler.
- Extra care and attention when reversing or turning the machine,
working at night, loading onto a truck, and unloading.


-Loading and stacking on uneven ground.
-Stacks under or near overhead powerlines
-Stacks of round bales inadequately chocked and border posted.
-Damaged bales at base of stack - eg from vehicles, cattle or rodents.
-Unstable heights and loose stacking.
-Bales stacked higher than safe operating height of farm tractor or forklift.
-Children playing on stacked bales, particularly during stacking or unstacking.
-Lack of training, experience and protection for people doing hay baling, stacking and loading.
-Handling more bales than safe for the loader.


-Sturdiness of trailers carrying heavy loads of bales.
-Restraining frames back and front of trailer.
-Hooks fitted so ropes can be used to secure load.
-Roads too close to or below powerlines.
-Rough terrain causing bales to become unstable.
-Safe speeds at all times.
-People riding on loaded hay trailers - highly dangerous.

Assess the risk

Check each hazard that has been spotted to assess:

- Do not allow people to ride on stacked trailers.
- Be aware of overhead obstructions, like trees, bridges and powerlines.
- Avoid rough ground that could cause bales to dislodge.
- Ensure loads are adequately secured.
- Do not overload vehicles beyond legal limits

Have a safe and profitable hay season folks and we wills we around the site:)

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