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Farm ground for sale

General Ag News/Discussion Today, 06:54 PM
There is a farm here that has just come up for sale.  208 acres about 4 miles out of Riverton right off the highway.  They are asking $995,000 for this farm; nice flat peace of ground, no buildings.  How can anyone farm that ground at that price?  
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Old and New

Farm Trucks & Trailers Today, 05:18 PM
I really had planned on this right now but, this showed up on Craigslist not far from the house. 2013 with 5k miles! Yes, 5,000. No it's not a Duramax but I'm happy with it. Kind of sad to retire my old '83. It helped me start this craziness and has been faithful.
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New Fads

Chit Chat/Intros Today, 03:21 PM
I hope this Hipster Fad does flow into the AG community. I would probably have to pay a customer for buying my hay if he came to my farm dressed like that.        
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Vicon spreader

Machinery Today, 02:20 PM
So when fitting out some new mixed grass hayfields this year, my coop decided to premix my seed for me which has made getting it in the ground a bit of a struggle. The mix is 10lb Alfalfa 4lb OG 4lb Timothy 2lb Smooth Brome.   I tried putting in in the JD B drill, but co...
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Tractor Talk Today, 10:49 AM
Ok i'm in dire straits. The hydraulic pump on my 70's model JD 2520 locked up and snapped the coupler from the crank pulley to the pump, and the dealer says it's obsolete now doesn't even show it on the computer anymore. Can anyone give me heads up on a salvage yard that I might try to find one....
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The New Deere L Series Balers

John Deere launched recently their new L Series Balers. The new balers have a high capacity rotor, all this thanks to their partnership with Kuhn.

"Kuhn is a great dealer and partner," says Jeremy Unruh, product line manager, Ottumwa Works. "We took the original design to help us out of the gate and then changed more than 85% of it to fit the needs of the North American market."

The 2 high capacity balers , the L330 and L340 will produce dense and perfectly formed bales. The L330 is 83 inch wide when working and the L340 has a 90 inch width.

Key Points to the balers are:
  • Heavy duty drive train
  • 45 Stroke per minute gear box
  • Gear and shaft driven
  • Double tie knotters
  • Heavy duty single fork system
  • On board hydraulic density controls
  • Integrated lubrication system and wiper plate
  • ISOBUS electronics
  • Electronic knotter flags
  • Hydraulic-operated knotter cleaning fans
  • Hydraulic roller chute
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Oct 06 2014 08:24 PM

Good luck catching up to Hesston.....


And all my tractors are GREEN

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Dec 07 2014 08:43 PM

Hope it doesn't share any parts with the horrible JD 100 baler,   I think JD should leave the big square market to CNH, Hesston, and Krone

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