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Resistant marestail in soybeans

Weed and Pest Management Today, 07:28 AM
So picked up the 120 acres directly behind us and have found out that it has roundup resistant mares tail, also seem to have some curly dock that isn’t dying well either.  I’ve done a little bit of research so far and have come up with several products that may control it.  Long term pl...
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NH 650 Pivot Roll Modification

Machinery Today, 01:21 AM
Not taking any chances of having another dented roll.  Filled it right from the start with 8 pound density pourable foam.  Costs about $100 for the 16 pound kit.  Just a little insurance for the $1400 roll.
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NH 640 stuffer slip clutch

Machinery Today, 12:16 AM
Guessing Mike10 and others will have the answer here. Rebuilt the stuffer on a 640, and would like to know the proper amount to tighten the slip clutch. I replaced both halves of the clutch, but not the Belleville washers.
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2ply or 3 ply mini rough top baler belts

Machinery Yesterday, 10:51 PM
When replacing baler belts should one use 2 ply or go with 3 ply??
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Irrigation methods

Machinery Yesterday, 10:39 PM
Hey guys has anyone converted their pivots to the dragon line system. I did talk to the owner/inventor it seem it is the way to go. I was just wanting any inputs from you guys. Thank you
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Checkout VRTS (V-Rake Teeth Support) System

Tired of broken or bent teeth? Checkout http://vrtssystem.com/

A brand new product, the VRTS (V-Rake Teeth Support) System is designed to address the common problem of broken and bent teeth on commonly used V-rakes. The VRTS System utilizes precisely engineered high density polyethylene straps that attach to the rake wheels to support the teeth. The system allows the teeth to work as mechanically designed while nearly eliminating the breaking and bending of teeth. With the VRTS System installed, the down pressure on the rake can be set to meet the conditions in the field without concern for breaking and bending of teeth. This allows raking of heavy windrows and efficiently raking uneven ground. Even with reduced down pressure, the efficiency of the rake is improved resulting in better windrows and more hay.
This system will reduce the number of broken and bent teeth, thereby reducing the cost and downtime associated with replacing teeth. This improves raking efficiency when an operator can least afford downtime.
The picture below provides a good illustration of the results of the VRTS System. The windrows on the left were raked without the VRTS System and the two windrows on the right were raked with the system installed. The difference in the windrows is significant.
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