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JD 401C starter trouble

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#1 mlappin


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Posted 05 July 2010 - 09:27 PM

Okay guys, I'm stumped on this one. We have a JD401C that sometimes for example if its cold or if you just changed fuel filters and it doesn't start, if you release the key it will keep on cranking. I have changed the key switch and the solenoid and it still does it once in a great while. When it starts normally it never does it.

The place that rebuilds our starters tried to tell me I had a relay in the system somewhere that was sticking. I said that's possible, but I installed a bullet connector right at the starter on the solenoid wire so I could unplug it when it stuck. Unplugged the solenoid wire and it still kept cranking. Last time it did this, the only thing I could do to stop it was grab a hitch pin and bust the cap off the solenoid before it burned up the windings in the starter.

This is the second starter that does this by the way. We changed the one that was one it when it done the same thing thinking it was something in the starter, the replacement did the same thing.

Even had someone suggest that the bellhousing wasn't right and it was getting in a bind which is why the bendix can't release unless it starts. It could be a possibility I suppose, but the bushing in the end of the starter was still good so I wouldn't think the starter is too tight. I've also changed a lot of the old style chevy starters and can tell what a tight starter sounds like and neither of these sounded like that.

Any other ideals?

#2 Blue Duck

Blue Duck


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Posted 06 July 2010 - 02:03 AM

I had the the same problem with a combine and the only thing I found was if the batteries had a full charge it never did it, but if the batteries were weak and it did not start right away I better be ready! I always disconnected the batteries to get it stopped.

I was going to put an inline battery cable disconnect on it so I could kill the power in a hurry if the starter stuck. I know that is not a fix to the problem but if it saves a starter it would be well worth it.

I don't think the weak batteries was the whole cause of the problem but good fully charged ones helped a lot, but I traded my combine so now someone else is probably doing what dad called the "starter scramble"

#3 kyfred


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Posted 06 July 2010 - 08:24 AM

I had a freightliner truck do that where I work. We are not allowed to work on the equipment ourselves. I just loaded the trailer and at the dock and when I started the truck it started and the starter stayed engaged so I turned the key off and the starter was still cranking. I called the garage to get the mechanics on the way and had time to drop the trailer and the starter had enough power to pull the tractor out from under the trailor to the middle of the lot before cables, wires and starter burned enough to where I could break the battery cables with a hammer we use to check the tires with doing a pretrip inspection. They had to replace everything from the key switch, to the batterys battery cables and starter. I saved the truck but the mechanics complained about me breaking the battery cables to kill the starter. I think they were mad that they had to rewire the truck and replace the starter. LOL But replacing everything took care of the problem. Good Luck

#4 mlappin


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Posted 06 July 2010 - 11:47 AM

Thing is about this tractor is it has a manual release on the hydraulic pump. If it's just cold and a person is fast enough you can get the side screen open and turn the screw in. Once the pump is just coasting it will usually fire right up, if not when the screen is off you can give it a shot of ether. Thing is though that screen is a pita to get off if the loader is down and it usually costs skin off of at least one knuckle. Easiest way to clean connections on the batteries is too remove the side cover. What it needs is like it's big brother came with. The JD 510 backhoes had a solenoid on the hyd. pump to release pressure when the starter was engaged.

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